Yanet García, “The Hottest Weather Girl on the Planet”

Yanet García, “The Hottest Weather Girl on the Planet”

The whole internet suddenly became obsessed with the weather in Mexico… “why?” You might ask. Well, there’s a real hottie forecasting weather, that’s why. She is none other than Yanet García, recently titled “The Hottest Weather Girl on The Planet” by fans. She has instagram followers flooding on her account. No Wonder!

We kind of agree with that title fans made up for her. She has awesome curves, but the most interesting is her strange shaped bottom. You can check out what we talked about on the picture bellow: Hottest weather girl is Yanet GarciaYanet GarciaNot everybody likes her perfect body tough. Some members claim that her hot ass is not too natural looking. Others just say that haters are gonna be haters, and encourage her to keep doing what she did in the past and be a brave girl. One fan claims that the shape looks bad due to the angle its shot from. Yup, that could be it…


When she’s not in gym clothes or bikini Garcia has some pretty cute dresses for her air segments on television. Shows that even if her whole body is covered with the dress, she still looks awesome!  Check out that nice dress on the picture bellow:

Yanet Garcia pictures

Like almost every cutie on the internet, this girl also has multiple talents. For instance she’s featuring on PeeWee’s music video titled “Con Tus Besos”. There’s a scene of her dancing sensually with nothing but bra and panty on. If this doesn’t turn you on, nothing will! Check out the video bellow:

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