Xvideos and social prejudices

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Watching xvideos or we can call them porn videos has a lot of objections in the society. Like other taboo topics, porn videos have prejudices by the majority of the society. At least most people deny that porn or xvideos are necessary in our everyday life at all. They tend to despise people who are of different opinion. This hypocracy can be seen when talking about sex in general. Needless to say, there are cultures in which it is prohibited to talk about sex or sexual pleasures, let alone watching porn videos. It doesn’t mean that they live without sex. On the contrary, those societies generates the highest number of sexual crimes proving that sex is a crucial part of the human life and we need to remove it from the list of taboos. On the other hand, such hypocratic attitude can be realised when just checking the nationality of the porn sites’ visitors. It clearly shows we can’t deny that sex, even extreme sex is the essential part of the human nature. However, many people deprive themselves of the real gratification that a porn or xvideo can provide with. It’s impossible to convince them that they are wrong as everybody should decide what to do or what not to do. And if they don’t watch watch free porn videos or refuse good sex, it’s their loss!

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