Why do women pretend orgasm?

Why do women pretend orgasm?

How important is it to men that their partner reaches orgasm? Here’s a possible answer: „If my partner enjoys it, than that means I’m doing it right”. That means men really love to pleasure women. Of course there are some who are too selfish and want to appear a macho in their own eyes. Most of the men however try to please women. They see this as a big goal. They feel it’s their „duty” to do so. Maybe the word „duty” isn’t too romantic but men feel this way.

„While orgasm isn’t everything, it has positive effects on the relationship if both partners reach the top. Orgasm helps deal with stress and tension.”  – Says Kevan Wylie sexologist. According to tests only 48% of people around the world reach orgasm.

Sometimes the question is asked: „Was it good?”. To men orgasm is the most important. In some cultures men delay orgasm to make the sex act last longer.

Men think that orgasm is as much important to women as to themselves. They try to pay attentinon to the women’s needs for that reason. The answer to that above question should be something like: „You don’t have to ask anything like that from me. You are a wonderful lover!”

So then why woman pretend orgasm?

It’s really a substansive question. 40% of men admit that they’ve been with a woman who only pretended orgasm.  The other 40% are not sure if it was real. The last 20% say that it never happened for sure.  92% of women admit that they’ve pretended orgasm at least once.

The case is that women simply wouldn’t like to cause dissapointment to their partners, or are too tired to give it everything they’ve got.

Women usually don’t want to reach orgasm at any cost. To them, intimacy is much more important. But if the woman’s attitude to sex is like that then the man may feel unpleasant. So women feel it’s the best if they simply pretend orgasm so both of them would be satisfied.

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