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Sexual life

The best birthday present I’ve ever been given is from my present partner. As we’ve been together for quite a long time, our sexual life started to get dull. I’m a woman in my midforties and I’m said to be still sexually attractive with my sporty shape. My partner is crazy about my long legs and almost teenlike breasts, however, he got more and more boring not being able to show me anything new in the bedroom. Despite the fact I didn’t have remarks about it, he had noticed that I needed something more. And one day, exactly on my birthday he took me out. I thought it was going to be a usual birthday dinner somewhere out and that’s why I was surprised when we parked outside an ordinary house in the suburb. It was not a restaurant at all, but a studio. A private studio where one can order appearing in a porn video in whatever form they wish. Of course, everything is charged, but it was my birthday present. Needless to say, I enjoyed it very much as I had never had sex involved more people in. And now we were four, three men and me. My partner had felt that I needed something like this and he was right. First I was a bit frustrated because of the camera, but when the two professional men started their job on me, I was enchanted so much with the extreme sex that I forget about the disburbing circumstances. Naturally, I had been dressed in sexy underwears that I could keep after the shooting. The two men exactly knew how to make me feel extremely pampered extending my sexual pleasure. Then my partner also joined and seemingly he didn’t mind that he had to share my body with others, too. Since then we have been watching that xvideo whenever we have sexual appetite and love each moment.

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