Sex in the Medieval Marriage

Sexual life in middle ages

The sexual life of married couples in the Middle Ages wasn’t a private matter as the Church wanted  to control that, as well like anything else. Sex was considered to be a sin against God even in a marriage if its purpose was the mere gratification and enjoyment. So the Church determined the time of sexual intercourses and restricted the postures of sex to just one. All the others were a serious crime against God and deeply reprehensible. The posture from behind was condemned most, as that was suitable for only dogs and other animals. The Church banned any sexual activities on the days of women’s period, during pregnancy, 40-70 days after childbearing, then on all religious days and holidays, there were plenty! Later they included Sunday, even the night from Saturday to Sunday. So only a few days left for sex. Would you have liked to live in the Middle Ages?

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