Saturday Night Fever

Saturday Night Fever

Saturday night my hot wife was searching for some nasty action. She thought perhaps that visiting a club in town is going to be a fantastic idea. Once Ana got dressed appearing very slutty, we abandoned the home and seemed for a cab.
Climbing from the rear seat, we noticed that the motorist was anticipating for our directions where to carry us. I found him looking in the mirror, staring in Anita’s alluring body. Her shorts was all the way to her waist from slipping over in the chair… her tiny red thong was glistening from the shadow…

He inquired Ana, appearing in between her arms. My spouse didn’t reply; she simply smiled devilishly asking back:

However, the driver didn’t respond. He just kept staring in Ana’s crotch.
Then my wife phoned him with one finger to come to the rear seat. Not wasting any time, Ana went right down to her knees, pulling down his trousers to suck on his prick. Suddenly he cried out and I could see cum bubbling out of her soft red lips. After licking him clean, Ana stood up and sat down alongside me in the rear seat. Then she arranged:
“Take me a place where I will find a whole lot of hard cocks like yours…”


“Yes… that’s correct” Ana replied as she awakened again with a wicked smile…
The driver immediately got back to his chair and we proceeded. Only couple of minutes afterwards, he retreated to the cab depot. It was a significant work place with a couple black men working on a few automobiles.
When Ana abandoned the vehicle, everyone there came to a halt.
Gradually walking, my spouse wiggled her round buttocks over to the workplace. I followed. Among the guys waiting in the workplace was a tall black man. He appeared to be responsible.
“I had been told I’d get fucked real hard and great here…”

Practically in hindsight he looked at me; he then awakened in my wife’s figure.
Ana transferred her hands at her back and then her skirt fell to the ground. Standing naked in front of him, she had been wearing just her high heels.
The black man stepped out of the office and started squeezing her tender tits. “So you would like a black dick, slutty wed babe?
It didn’t take long for my spouse to be on her knees sucking on his large, black shaft. The other guys moved in closer to see; as Ana swallowed and sucked all that tremendous ten inches black penis…
Knowing that he was going to cum, my spouse suddenly held his span at the bottom as she left her pace faster in to her throat. He then blurted out…
… You’re making me cum…”
Still holding the tip of his penis between her red lips, then she emptied him off. Subsequently she held back her head, opening her mouth to show him her tongue coated with hot semen. A moment afterwards she swallowed the complete load.

Following that, it was all out of control. They dragged a filthy mattress in the backroom and for another few hours they maintained Ana on her back or back with her ass up in the atmosphere.
Her pleasant sweet cunt was pounded by everybody until cum dripped out of her.
It was past midnight when all of those black men were done together with my spouse.

She was fucked by these enormous black dicks innumerable times already; however I knew she wanted more… she desired more yet…
I looked around the garage and found the following five black drivers’d return in their shifts. They’d detected what had gone on there. And needless to say, they desired to join in also.
All five fast stripped down and approached into Ana, using their new, tough, black cocks prepared to utilize her a tiny bit more…
The first one only ordered for my spouse:
Kneel you up, whore, I would like your ass…”

Anita assumed that the position after which I found that black man slipping his nine incher entirely in her extended cum filled ass, pumping her heavy to get a good ten minutes. He then stuffed her anus with a wonderful number of hot seed.
The black man took from her asshole and then pushed Ana on her spine.
She spread her hot legs for him and he fell to his knees. All of a sudden he pushed his big fingers deep within my wife’s cunt.
Ana cried out, moving immediately to an extreme orgasm that was full.
One in a time that the other four men fucked Ana from the buttocks and took her turn shoving their hands between her wanting pussy lips. All of them was able to make my wife cum since they fingered her fairly moist engorged cunt.
As soon as I believed every guy there was fulfilled and my candy Ana would liberated to proceed; a massive black guy came out of his taxi. The guy was really enormous.
I couldn’t believe how big the black monster dick. It had been over twelve inches long…

Beg as a whore that requires it.

I want it.
“You are a filthy white wed whore…” He explained as he looked at me.
Subsequently the black giant made Ana flex her waist.
Two seconds after I discovered that my wife yell in pain, as she shut her eyes and opened her mouth hoping to find some air…
Ana fought against him and then I understood that the black bastard had been fucking her in the ass. This was why Ana was yelling in pain…
After less than 5 minutes that the giant giant shouted and grunted like a bear. He stuffed my sweet spouse’s anus with his cum and he then let her collapse onto the filthy mattress again. She was tired, with her thighs shaking.
But then Ana opened her eyes and snapped at me, as she awakened…
All of the black men dressed again and climbed back to their own cabs, leaving the depot. I assisted Ana to slide back her skirt, but we Couldn’t find her thong


“So did you really enjoy what these black bastards have done to you?”

“Oh Yes… Feeling so used and so filthy with these enormous black cocks…”
“I expect you understand that night is not over however, babe…” I said grinning.

I caught her arm and hauled her to the living area. I jerked down her skirt to her ankles. I then pushed down her, to create her torso rest on the couch.
Ana moaned in delight as she believed me sodomizing her.

As I was cumming in her, I just had ideas for all those well hung dirty black guys who’d employed my sweet wife’s asshole before me…

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