Paid Sex in the Ancient Times

Paid sex in the ancient times

In the ancient times it was quite usual for men to keep a lover in their house besides their wife.Those women were called heteras, who were really sexy and attractive, moreover, intelligent as well as experts on sex and making love. In a certain social circle it was mandatory to keep a hetera to show wealth and position in the society. For the less rich there were the so-called pornes or the prostitutes to serve the sexual desire of anyone. It was a cheap and fast street service with not much fuss. The term of porn comes from the ancient pornes. All forms of sex was popular in those days and it was encouraged to relieve the sexual desire at once. Diogenes, the philosoph illustrated how easy it was as he was having sex in front of the public while holding a lecture about human desires. If women weren’t satisfied with ordinary sex, they went to Island Lesbos to enjoy women’s love. Moral has changed a lot since then!

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