Paid sex in Rome

Roman orgy

The ancestors of the red light houses were established in Rome by the Emperor Caligula. It is quite known that in the Roman times  sex meant one of the most accepted enjoyments. Orgies were held but only for the rich and they wanted to boast with their wealth so they were willing to spend loads of money for their flagging sexual desires. Caligula was excellent at wasting money, however, he was lack of economic talent, so he often emptied the imperial treasury. It was the reason for his coming up with the idea to create a brothel in his palace. He separated rooms for that purpose and furnished them lavishly. His wantons, matrons and young boys had to stand there on display and he always invited wealthy Romans to pay for deviant sexual intercourses. They didn’t dare to say no to the Emperor, so they sated their mad lust instead. There were clerks employed to register the income and check the list of the clients who didn’t pay. Naturally, Caligula had the privilege to use his own brothel free.

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