Loving my own gender

It was exactly ten years ago when I went to a house party. I was seventeen then and didn’t have much experience in sex. I wouldn’t say that I was untouched but the boys I had had sexual experiences couldn’t cause me exploding pleasure. However, I didn’t want to leg behind the other girls being over so many boys, so I was not against dating and having sex with boys. Anyway, I felt excited about the house party as I’d heard it would be a kind of erotic one. Yes, it was and changed my entire life. The party itself started with some strip tease and I discovered some new but really pleasant desire looking at the other girls naked or almost naked. Of course, I thought it was just due to the hot atmosphere and didn’t mind at all when we, girls were asked to play a bit with each other. To make it even more genuine, a porn video was started in which we could see also girls enjoying sex without any boys. Watching the porn video we became quite enthusiastic and wanted to do and feel the same. As soon as another girl touched the most sensitive parts of my body, I had the very first real orgasm done by someone else. And it was a girl not a boy. At that moment I felt ashamed but I hid my emotions, moreover, we were encouraged not to stop, so I started to feel for the other girls’ body ending in another orgasm. I had a real pleasure when one of them, an older one began to kiss me saying how good I was to her. Soon after the boys joined us, however, I avoided their approach as I just wanted to feel that girl. After the party we decided to meet because we both had the same disappointment with boys and realised that our sexual orientation is different from the ordinary. Now I don’t feel ashamed anymore as I accepted from the life that I was born lesbian.

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