Homo and bisexuality in Ancient Greece

homosexuality in Ancient Greece

According to Platon, a real love could exist only between two men. If it was true or not in those days, we might not know, but what we know for sure is that relationships between men were ordinary ang quite acceptable. Studying  ancient cultures, we can find some obvious reasons. Having sexual intercourses with women before the wedding was against the law, but men longed for sexual joys, so they found mainly young boys for sex. It was considered an efficient weapon against overpopulation. Another reason could be the strict separation between the genders, and of course, men wanted sex There was an economic reason, as well. Men didn’t get married before 35 as they wanted to save money for their future life, however, they didn’t want to resign from sexual enjoyment. As well as we can take one more explanation into consideration, the so-called  inauguration  for young boys, who were brought up exclusively by women and didn’t have social relations. Consequently, elderly rich men led them into popular social circles for sexual pay.

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