My first lesbian massage experience

My first lesbian massage experience

I sat in the seat waiting.

My husband had purchased me a massage for my birthday, so here I had been, but it’d been nearly half an hour and that I was starting to get irritated. I were advised that the massager here was magnificent, so I’d played my trim up 23yr old figure, wearing a fine lace bra and thong pantie place (another birthday gift) and had my brown hair done up high. I might be married but that did not mean that I could not flirt sometimes

And magnificent did not even start to describe. . her! A girl, I was amazed. She had been amazing, a fiery red head together with all the tight blue uniform skirt and shirt. Her breast quite burst from her shirt and her green eyes lingered on me.

“Aurelia, Aurelia Watts” I stated, I had been unnerved the girl was not any older then me, however, she had the most penetrating gaze.

“Aurelia,” she explained like tasting each syllable “I’m Samantha and we are extremely sorry and provide a complete body massage as reimbursement. Would that be okay?”

I simply nodded my head still shaken with her gaze.

“Very well let’s start, if you could please strip away everything except for your own panties?” She asked in a totally straight forward tone.

I was somewhat surprised by the petition, but I started to strip away. However, as I removed my shirt I found her eyes on me again and instantly felt my nipples harden. I hadn’t ever truly considered another girl earlier, if anything it’d appeared somewhat gross but her I had been stripping for a different girl (If only to get a massage and becoming turned on). With a sly grin she taught me lie belly down on the massage table with my head looking through the little hole at the desk.

Not knowing what to expect I nearly jumped when she ran her palms over my left foot. With specialist skill she started, first with my toes and then gradually moving her hands up my calf muscles. She had been indescribable, her palms were like silk, pressing and moving their way up my leg. Her improvement didn’t cease at my knees but carried on up my thighs, indoors and outside.

I suddenly found itself indulgent wet that was unlike anything I’d felt earlier, I had been so turned on! I felt a gentle hand brush my bum check for a minute. Before she stoped and forced her way into my shoulders. I almost shuddered with joy as she started to stroke my shoulders.

“You’ve got the most amazing thighs darling.” Her voice was deep and husky.

I clenched my teeth trying to not respond. This was not right, I was not a lesbian. Her hands slid down my spine making circles until she arrived to my bum again.

“I am only going to proceed to get a sec, fine darl?” She asked as her hands hooked beneath the lace thong, and started moving out it awaiting a response. I gave a sort of non committal grunt as I believed that the thong pulled down to just below my bum checks.

Then I felt that the greatest shock of my life. This was the last straw; I pulled itself up and turned to face her, only to find her just a couple inches from my head.

“Something incorrect beautiful?” She requested in her sultry voice.

“I really don’t wont to do so any more” I stammered.

“Truly, your body states otherwise.”

With a gasp I realised that I had been totally revealing my amazingly turned in body, rigid nipples, shallow breathing and soaking cunt. I desperately attempted to pay itself.

“I am married I can not do so.” I said gently

With a hungry grin she pushed me back down on the table now facing upward. She moved my left hand and then lowered her head down to my glistening sex penis. I started to stammer “No that is incorrect, we should not do so, please stop, cease.” She started to switch between flicking it and hammering it inside her mouth and gently massaging it into her teeth.

My yells, faltered as she carried on, forcing me to orgasm.

“Cease, oh dear god please do not stop” I cried, both my palms now stroking her lovely red hair. Suddenly overcome by fire I started to remove her clothing. She stops for a couple of minutes to assist, pulling off her uniform like a crazy girl. Suddenly I was faced with a different girl’s sex straight in my own mouth. Samantha solved this by starting her attack on my pussy once again. After her guide I devoured her cunt as though it had been the final thing I’d ever do. But just as I was getting into the swing of it Samantha moved her hands under my buttocks and lifted up my butt, thrusting her head deep in between my buttocks. I had never felt something like it before and instantly climaxed. Coming down off my top, I discovered her straddling my chest facing away from me, her bum checks firmly implanted in my breasts. Looking back at me she smiled.

“You enjoyed that?” She asked in a joyous voice.

As I was going to react Samantha desk telephone lookup along with the receptionists voice came through.

Taking a look at the clothing she started to pick up hers. Realising what was really happening I jumped to my feet, searching for my underwear, I realised that they were currently on Samantha. She smiled seductively, “you still owe me one darling, I maintain these till you’re able to pay me back.”

I nodded “well I will keep yours as insurance also.” I mentioned, Samantha smiled at that and that I realised she’d worn no lingerie.

Desperately we harried to our garments, when we were completed Samantha adopted me pulling me in close, and put her mouth on mine, this time that I returned the kiss, jousting with her tongue, I felt her hands slide up and start to irritate my breast. The bad man knew something was going on but we were not likely to tell. I left her chamber using the picture of her grin firmly put within my creativity. It was just when I got to the elevator which I felt something in between my breasts. Pulling it out it was a bit of paper. Written on it was a few, and also the words phone me. Putting the note straight between my breasts, I awakened.

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