Addiction to Sex

Addiction to Sex
Sexual life is the part of life, but if you deal with it extremely much and it occupies all your thoughts distracting you from anything else, you may be addicted to sex In such a case you are erotomaniac or nymphomaniac, which prevent you from enjoying sex. The dependence puts a stress on you to find a partner, to have sex all the time, and only sex on your mind, which is nonsense. Here are some signs to warn you that you are maniac and should find professional help:
-Too many sexual partners and a large number of sexual relationships
-To have sexual intercourses with strangers and prostitutes
-A continual lack of emotional devotions during sex
-Too much use of phone or net sex services
-To use too many pornograph materials on everyday basis
-To take part in sado-mazo orghies
If you do not care of these signs, it may lead you to lose your partner.
…which prevents you…
…sex is on your mind…

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